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Default Haha, AMD selling chips to Apple?!??!

Check this out:

"According to reports, AMD's chief executive officer Hector Ruiz noted this week that Apple may be on its way to introducing computers with AMD processors. The news talks about Parallel's announcement of its next version Workstation virtualization application for the Intel-Mac platform. In Parallel's press release, it stated that Parallels Workstation and Desktop for OS X will support AMD's Secure Virtual Machine.

This week, Ruiz delivered a key note at the Commonwealth Club in San Francisco, indicating that Apple would be using -- not switching -- AMD processors in the near future. "Knowing Apple, why would they want to be held hostage like everyone else has been? Everybody wants choice," said Ruiz.

Both Intel and AMD have been at each other's neck fairly tightly this year, with both companies releasing excellent and compelling products. AMD received a fair amount of new partnerships this year, notably Dell, and Intel too in Apple. Many analysts believe that Apple will pose significant threat to major tier one PC manufacturers. For example, the Mac platform is currently the only platform out there on the market that can properly run both Microsoft Windows XP and Apple's own OS X natively, with fully working drivers.

Apple was not immediately available for commenting. During the last major Apple event, Apple's chief executive Steve Jobs noted that the company had been selling more Macs this year after the switch to Intel than it ever sold in any previous years."

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Default Re: Haha, AMD selling chips to Apple?!??!

Yeah, I read that yesterday on DailyTech and Gizmodo.

I wouldn't be suprised, but Macbooks are selling pretty well with the current Intel setup. But, if Apple adopted AMD, it would probably be so all the fanboys can shut up. Look at Dell. If you compare their AMD desktops to its Intel counterpart, the Intel-based machine easily trumps the AMD one. Why? Core 2 Duo, and both computers pretty much cost the same. So you tell me which would be a better deal? An Athlon X2 or a Core 2 Duo?

Relating to the last line in TRDCorolla's post, I agree with what Steve Jobs says. Apple will sell more with their computers running with Intel processors. Intel are more widely known to the general public than IBM is when it comes to microprocessors, because almost everyone uses either Intel or AMD, not IBM.

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Default Re: Haha, AMD selling chips to Apple?!??!

Doesn't surprise me. AMD needs money, Apple offers that...
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