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Default GTX 980 TI SC Fan Problem/Not working properly HELP !!!

Hey All

So got my new pc and having some trouble with my Grapics card...

I downloaded BF4 and played for a while no problem.Temps where good fans where spinning like they should.So next day i wanted to play bf4 and the fans where not spinning when the card was under load.
Around 80-85 ? The card blows hot air out of the side to reduce the temperature and when it's back up to 85 ? it does it again.

In evga precisionX 16 tool i saw that the fan speed bar was going up but the counter stayed @ 0rpm and fans where not spinning ???
The Fan speed is on auto and fan curve is on agrassive so ya...Don't know what here the problem is ?

Here are some pictures:



PC specs:

-Evga GTX 980 TI SC GPU
-i5 4690 3.5Ghz CPU
-8GB 1600 Hyper X Ram
-MSI Gaming 3 Motherboard

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Default Re: GTX 980 TI SC Fan Problem/Not working properly HELP !!!

Nvidia cards usually use thermal targets, if your thermal target is set to 80C, it will either have the fans on very very low, or off until your card hits that mark. I know the reference NVIDIA 980 TI has a thermal target of like 89C out of the box...

EVGA's cooler is prety efficient as far as they go (ACX 2.0 cooler I mean. not sure if yours is the reference cooler design or the ACX one?). It seems likely to me that your thermal target is pretty high and the passive elements of the cooler paired with your airflow is keeping it below your thermal target. You should be able to adjust the thermal target either using GeForce experience or PrecisionX, I can't remember how to off hand but it should be fairly straightforward.

Failing that, set a custom fan curve (not sure if you can in precisionX, if you can't uninstall precision and get MSI Afterburner, it will still work with an EVGA card) and you can tell the card's BIOS exactly what % fan speed you want per Degree celcius.

Also, to put your mind a little at rest; although 85C might seen ridiculously high - 85C is well within the safe thermal limits for a GM200 GPU.
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