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Default Green Artifacts all over the screen!!! - I think I've tried nearly everything

I just purchased a new computer. i7 960, 12g ram, soundblaster xtreme audio sound card, nvidia 210 video card. I have updated all drivers, including the video card driver more than once. I get green artifacts on the screen of my monitor. The artifacts were on and off for a while, then they were constant, they went away completely for two days and now they are back and they appear in waves across the screen.

First, I thought it was the video card. I replaced the card with a brand new, out of the package, identical one and I have the exact same problem, even after updating the driver; the artifacts are in the same places.

I then checked the motherboard. I secured the ram and removed it and placed one ram piece in the first slot (a different one than was in the slot before). Same problem.

I then took the video card out and placed it in the other PCI-E slot. Same problem.

I then hooked the computer up to my roommate's monitor (which is so old it likely was first hooked up to a 386). No artifacts. No problems. Clear, perfect screen. So, the computer isn't bad.

This made me think that my monitor is bad.

I took my old computer (an old Compaq Pentium 4) and hooked it up to the monitor which gets the artifacts. The monitor worked flawlessly as it did with that computer for eight years. This tells me that my monitor is not bad.

I then, using the new computer and my monitor (original configuration), switched the cable that connected the two from VGA to DVI. Exact same artifacts and problems. So, I don't think it's the VGA connection. (I did not restart; maybe i should have)

Next, I took my computer and hooked it up to another of my roommate's monitors, which is a very new and nice digital monitor using a DVI connection. It worked on this monitor flawlessly as it on did his other monitor. Again, doesn't look like the computer.

My monitor (the one that gets the artifacts) is an AG Neovo S-17 and is almost nine years old. It is the only monitor which seems to have problems with the new computer, yet with the old computer I've determined that the monitor itself isn't bad. The only thing that I can conclude is that there is some sort of compatibility issue between my new machine and my monitor. Any ideas as to what I should do?

Could it be a compatibility issue with 64-bit windows 7?

I have purchased a new monitor although it won't be here for a few days. I would like to make absolutely sure that the computer isn't bad and that it is the monitor. Any ideas to test this?
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