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Default Graphics card/RAM questions

I just got a Dell Inspiron 1545 and it comes with an integrated graphics card. I was hoping it would be able to run some games better than my previous laptop, and it does, but not much better. I've got 4 GB of RAM installed, which is plenty for regular processes, so I was wondering if there is any way that I could allocate some of that RAM to be used for graphics processing. Also, when I look at the system panel in the control panel, it shows that I've got 4.00 GB of RAM installed, but only 3.46 GB of it is usable. I discovered the 552 MB of my RAM is "hardware reserved." What does that mean, and is there any way I can change that? My BIOS is the A14 BIOS.

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Default Re: Graphics card/RAM questions

Your "reserved" memory is either being lost due to an operating system limitation (you didn't specify if you're running a x86 or x64 based operating system) or it could be that your onboard is already allocating that 552 MB chunk for graphics duties, in which case, you're likely already at your max. You'd have to go into the BIOS of the system to figure out how much the GPU is allocating from the main memory pool.

Typically Dell systems are F2, F11 or F12 to get into the BIOS on startup. Pay attention to the screen if you aren't sure, or just stab at them randomly during the initial power on to see if they can get you in.

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Default Re: Graphics card/RAM questions

Oh, OK. I am running x86. And I have been into my BIOS but there weren't any options concerning allocation of memory... In fact, there weren't many options at all. Am I just kind of stuck with what I've got? I'm fine if that's the case. I was just curious to see if there was any way I could improve things.
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