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Lightbulb GPU thought?!

Hello everyone,

While looking at the new AMD R9 3XX series GPUs I was questioning what you miss out on with AMD card on Nvidia games, things like physx and other nvidia technologies, because the gaming market is so heavy with nvidia supported games what are the main things that one would miss out on.

Also could an Nvidia card be run along side an AMD card as a physx/hairworks processor.

If anyone has give it any though pleas share I'm interested in hear what people have to say.

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Default Re: GPU thought?!

You CAN put an NVIDIA and an AMD based card in the same system, but they can't both operate at the same time - you'd need to turn the PC off and change the card that the display connector is plugged into (plugging two cards into non-matched slots on a mobo, it will ignore whichever one has no video cable plugged into it).

a high-end AMD card will give you a similar experience to a high-end NVIDIA card. Stuff like Hairworks is more of a gimmick than anything else, a marketting plot by NVIDIA to attract customers. Ngl I don't put much stock into those visual gimmicks they use to sell you stuff.

AMD have their fare share of partner games, BF4 for example.

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Default Re: GPU thought?!

Either could give you good performance but higher end Nvidia cards will out perform the top end AMD cards. Of course the higher end Nvidia cards also have higher end prices. And this is coming from an old school AMD fanboy.
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Default Re: GPU thought?!

PhysX is totally legit. Definitely adds to a game and makes the experience more immersive. Hairworks is a bit gimmicky for sure. It makes Geralt's hair (Witcher 3) look better as well as the hair of other characters and creatures though. Definitely noticeable. Nvidia also has gameworks, which is a solid graphical add on as well.

I've used both AMD and Nvidia graphics cards and Nvidia is FAR better. They run cooler and quieter, perform better both overall and across the price points (generally), overclock better, and have vastly superior drivers. I don't think AMD has anything to offer over the green team except that they are a bit cheaper. But the price premium is worth it to get Nvidia imo.
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