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Default Graphics Card BIOS

So, I'm about to purchase a card form a friend of mine, an XFX 8800GT Alpha Dog, and I've talked to him for a while, gotten all the information I could manage, and he's a great guy, I just want to know one thing.

XFX has a super nice, double-lifetime warranty. Basically, the original buyer gets a lifetime warranty, which is modder-friendly (with the exclusion of BIOS flashing, and a few other things), and if the original owner wants to sell the card, that warranty is carried over to the new owner, hence the double lifetime warranty. Pretty sweet, huh?

I like the warranty, so I want to keep it (duh). I asked my friend if he had flashed the BIOS of the card at anytime, which would break the warranty. Once I get the card I'd like to send it back and get a refurbished one, to ensure it's in working order. But if he has flashed the BIOS at any time, then flashed it back to the original, I would have no way of knowing. Is there any way for me to be able to tell? If I can't tell, and I assume that it hasn't been tampered with, can XFX tell? I'd end up needing to pay shipping for the card, and maybe for the work they put into it, not to mention I'd receive the same card in the mail because the warranty was broken. Any ideas?
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