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Default good hard drives?

I'm just wondering, what hard drives are of good quality in the <200$ range that are 1.5tb and up. I have a lot of irreplacable data on my hard drive. Most of which is now on my skydrive but I do have a lot of movies and tv that would b a real pain to get back over 500gb worth. So I want to know what hard drives have a good reputation for a good price

Western digital has been good to me clearly but some people say they have gone down hill in quality given the reviews of some drives on newegg. Seagate has been a bit of a pain right out of the box for me with the randomly stopping and causing crashes. I later 3 years later attributed this to a very gradual psu overload and failure but in mimicked a problem that this seagate hard drive was bad for.

If you saw my other thread about the drive disappearing you'll know I have been running some tests on my hard drives lately.

I have an old western digital IDE drive that is 120gb for my os drive and a seagate 1.5 TB drive.

The os drive came from my old rig hence why it is ide. This drive passed all tests with flying colors and according to the program it has been running for 5.3 years power on time.

The other seagate drive I have said it has 7 bad sectors and has been running for 3.5 years power on time.

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Default Re: good hard drives?

As a disclaimer before I get into personal preference, or anything like that: All manufactures have bad batches. Early deaths and DOAs happen.

That put aside I've always had good luck with seagate and WD drives. My rule of thumb is to get what ever is the cheaper of the two brands. I will never buy a hitachi drive if I have the choice, I've just seen too many of them fail.

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Default Re: good hard drives?

I have had great luck with Seagate. I had 3 WD's that completely failed me so not a fan of WD of recent.
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