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Old 03-20-2007, 01:12 AM   #1
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Default GFX card overheating?

Hi I'm not much of a computer savvy person but lately I've been seeing my computer shutdown when trying to play any of the latest graphic intense games. I noticed when I tried playing C&C3 demo. It would run fine for like 10 minutes and then unexpectedly my computer would freeze and I would be unable to do anything except reboot by holding down the power button. I tried this with other games like GRAW and FEAR and got the same problem.

My graphics card is a 6600 GT which I know is definitely not very powerful but I've been able to play GRAW and FEAR with it no problem until now.

Could it be that my graphics card is overheating? I don't see any graphic artifacts but it seems to be way too hot when I put my hand to it right after rebooting (no onboard temperature sensors with AGP version).

I've recently been using Prime95 torture tests to check my CPU and RAM and it's been running for 24+ hours, so I think I can safely assume that it's not a problem with them.

PS I've also downloaded and installed the latest drivers.
Freezing seems to occur only after a certain amount of time, not earlier or later.
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Default Re: GFX card overheating?

ok i think you have the same problem as me.. i have a geforce 6200(is that good?) lol.. and i installed it and when i play cs:s it freezes after 10mins of playing.... i have recently reinstalled windows but have not reinstalled cs:s i will get back and tell you if it helped..

(P.S). i reinstalled because my teacher said it might be a corrupted sector on my harddrive

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Default Re: GFX card overheating?

Perhaps you should've tried downloading the latest drivers from nvidias homepage first for your GFX card before you decided to reinstall windows? Did you try any other games? Reinstalling CS probably wouldn't have helped unless you were freezing at the same exact place or doing the same action but I would've done it first rather than just reinstall windows as my first choice.
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Default Re: GFX card overheating?

yes, i would start with new drivers. if that doesn't work, try taking the side of the case off, and ahve a desk fan blow right into the case so we can eliminate heat as an issue.

from personal experiance, i must ask, are you using wireless? i found that when i'd game while on wireless my computer would freeze durring games (both online and single player). if CS is an ofline single player game too, try disableing the wireless card and see if you can re-create the problem. if you can't recreate the problem, try hard-wireing to the router and see if you freeze on multiplayer.
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Default Re: GFX card overheating?

It's most likly overheating, or the card is just going bad. Download everest or use the Nvidia control panel to check the temps while playing. And neon615, try not to steal someones thread, make your own, because as you can see, eveyones answering your question, and not the person that made the thread.
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