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Exclamation Getting new graphics card, new help choosing

Hey, I'm new to this forum and I came here because It seems like someone can help me.
I'm going to get a new graphics card because my computer is lagging like ass.
First off is it the graphics cards fault if my computer is lagging or something else like the motherboard or the cpu or the fans?

This is all of my specs according to CPU-Z: My Settings - Pastebin.com
I have deleted everything that would be unnecessary in that like all this binary stuff. Also I am not entirely sure if everything is listed on this. if it happens to be the fans fault I'll just buy liquid water cooling
And I have no idea what case I have because I didn't build my rig.

Anyway, to my main question if it is the graphics cards fault, which one should I get out of these two,
Nvidia GTX 680 - Amazon.com: EVGA GeForce GTX 680 SC Signature2/Dual Fan/2048MB GDDR5 Dual Dual-Link DVI/mHDMI/DP/SLI Graphics Card (02G-P4-2687-KR): Computers & Accessories

Sapphire Radeon Hd 7870 - Amazon.com: Sapphire Radeon HD 7870 XT with Boost 2GB DDR5 HDMI / DVI-I / Dual Mini DP PCI-Express Graphics Card 11199-20-20G: Computers & Accessories

I know the Nvidia GTX 680 is an upgrade to my version the GTX 560 But I was thinking how good the 680 is compared to the Sapphire Radeon HD 7870.

If the Radeon happens to be better would it work with my current setup, because I heard that you can't cross the graphic cards, I'm not entirely sure what the person said about it but I just want to check just in case.

If there is a better graphics card that you know about for around the $500 AUD range, can you please suggest it as a reply to me for me to check out and consider buying?

Thanks Hope someone can help me with this and this is clear enough, I'm kind of new to the whole rig setup thing, my current computer was built by some guy I found online.

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Default Re: Getting new graphics card, new help choosing

it's not the motherboard and CPU's fault that it's lagging in the game.
Are you playing games on high detail? if not it should not lag like crazy (or ass as you stated)

about if it's the fans fault: i'll say no, unless you are having some overheating issues.
download "real temp" to see the temperatures for the CPU and download "GPUZ" see temps for your GPU.

The 680 is defineterly faster then the 7870. but also more expensive.
take a look that this benchmark: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 680 Graphics Performance | NVIDIA,GeForce GTX 680,Kepler,GK104 GPU,Video Card,Benchmarks,Graphics,Framerates,Performance,Re views,Olin Coles,NVIDIA GeForce GTX 680 Kepler GK104 GPU Video Card Benchmark Graphics Framerate Performance
there are no 7870 in this benchmark, but there are a 580.
a 580 is more and less equal to the 7870, so you can compere the 680 with that and get a ruffly understanding about the difference between your chosen cards.

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Default Re: Getting new graphics card, new help choosing

depends on what you are doing when it lags like a mofo.

if during high end games, could be the graphics card if your setting are too high and in "rare cases" it could be the CPU since there are a few high end games that don't utilize more than 2 cores very well (although I don't remember which games) which would especially be a problem during multiplayer when too many people are around because the FX6100 doesn't have very strong individual cores.

overall, your system looks pretty good I'd consider it a mid-high end rig although I am not sure how much memory you have. 4-8GB should do. I am assuming your PSU has a limit of at the very least 400watts as well.

due to the lack of detail of what is lagging, for all I know your OS could just be messed up so it may not even be your hardware. CCcleaner and virus scans are some options but the best way is to just backup your important files on an external hard drive or something and factory reset your operating system.

when it comes to graphic cards, if your resolution is 1920x1200 or lower you really won't need anything better than a 670 or a 7970 as the performance of anything higher isn't that significant especially since these two cards can basically handle anything with maxed out graphics.

the 660 or 7870 would be a pretty good upgrade from a 560 as well but which graphics card is best for you ultimately depends on what you play, what graphic settings you want to play it at, and what your power supply is.
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