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Default Re: getting a new CPU - is it worth?

I just did exactly what you are trying to do. I would say it did make an improvement over my old processor but for the cost it was not worth it. I was very unhappy with the results and I ended up selling my whole system and buying a new one. I actually upgraded to a high end PC but only because I got $500 of unexpected money. But to get an AM2 platform with a 4200+ dual core was very cheap (like $200-$250) for RAM/Mobo/CPU and then use all your old components. If you do this as well you can upgrade alot easier to a 6400+ dual core for like $150 when you get the money.

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Default Re: getting a new CPU - is it worth?

Like I said, it will be faster in multitasking and multithreaded applications. You won't see much of an improvement in gaming. If you notice, the single core A64 3800+ performs faster than it in the gaming tests and at times it is even beaten by a single core A64 3500+.

I have an A64 3500+ in my system now and at one time had the 3800 X2 in it. It didn't see any real performance boost with the X2. It id boot quicker and some programs opened a bit quicker. But other than that, it wasn't anything special.

I think that he would be better off either finding a faster dual core for his system such as something like a X2 4000+ or as worshipme suggested, just saving up his money to build a new system..

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