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Default Getting my first gaming laptop; no idea what I'm doing.


Quick background; I have a desktop that's about 4 years old. Graphics card is a Nvidia GeForce GT 610 (which I hear is measly), in general it works but isn't great. I can play most of my games fine; GW2 looks okay, I obviously don't have problems playing LoL, things... work. But I'm off to university at the end of the summer, meaning my parents are going to help me to get a laptop which I can use for general purposes, but I do of course want it to be suitable for gaming. I plan to play Wildstar soon and would very much like a laptop which can run that fine at normal render resolution. I am generally fairly tech illiterate.

The budget is, being optimistic, lets say around 800 pounds, give or take. I am really not a graphics nut; I tend to run all of my games with shadows turned off, I tend to be happy with most of the fancier graphical settings off as long as the texture resolution is fine and the game looks moderately crisp. I'm perfectly happy around 30 fps. However I would like this laptop to remain relevant (in terms of being able to at least play new games at low/medium settings with solid fps) for lets say about 3 years (4 being optimistic?).

Screen size is not really an issue for me as I plan to be fairly stationary with my gaming: I have a fairly good monitor, so will take it along with a mouse and keyboard and hook them up to game with. The laptop will basically be the CPU. I have been led to believe this is possible; if there are any comments as to whether this doesn't tend to work, please tell me.

So can anyone help me know what a good laptop for my purposes is? I've looked on websites but been very reluctant to make any judgements without impartial advice. Is it better to have one custom made, or are pre-made laptops generally fine in terms of price and capability for what I want? Any advice or input is very much appreciated.

Edit: Somebody suggested this to me; http://www.newegg.com/Product/Produc...82E16834152558 . Can anyone comment on that; is it good, is it good value for money, can I achieve my desired aims for less, etc?

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Default Re: Getting my first gaming laptop; no idea what I'm doing.

How about this The Novatech nSpire N1728 for 734.99.

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Default Re: Getting my first gaming laptop; no idea what I'm doing.

The one you chose OP is awesome. Get that one.
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