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Default Getting DVDs onto Ipod Video

Does anybody know a good program to use (preferably free) that i could use you rip dvds onto my ipod video?


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Default Re: Getting DVDs onto Ipod Video

This is the only program I could find to rip DVDs onto your iPod video into MPEG-4 format. It is free to try, which means that it is probably timedated. To keep it I think it is $34.95.


Here, I have copied and pasted the instructions off another site:

1. Download and install pqdvd_ipod.exe.

2. Insert a DVD into your computer and choose Start > Programs > PQ DVD Software > iPod Video Converter > PQ DVD to iPod Video Converter.

3. The application automatically detects and plays your DVD until the DVD menu appears.

4. Click Play on the DVD menu to start the movie.

5. As soon as the movie starts, click the pause button on the built-in player controls:

6. To encode the video for the iPod's TV Out option, choose 480x368 - for iPod to TV from the Resolution drop-down menu. Otherwise, choose 320x240. The TV Out option enables you to connect your iPod to an external monitor or television set (see "Watching iPod Videos on Your Computer and Television" below).

7. Use the slider to select the output size. Generally, I move the slider to 75%, which results in approximately 500 MB for 320x240, and one gigabyte for 480x368 (TV out).

8. To reduce the file size of the video, select a crop option by clicking one of the film strips at the top of the window. You may have to play back some of the movie to make the proper selection:

9. What you don't want to do is change the aspect ratio. If the DVD is widescreen (or letterbox), you can disable this feature in the iPod itself to watch full-frame video (choose Videos > Video Settings > Widescreen > Off using the iPod menu).

10. Click the plus (+) button to select Better than FM radio (the default is FM radio quality).

11. Choose File > Set Output File & Location.

12. Select a folder on your computer and enter a value in the File Name text box (e.g., Rushmore.mp4). The filename, minus its extension, is what appears in the iPod menu. For example, if you name the video file The Godfather.mp4, "The Godfather" appears in the iPod Movies menu (Videos > Movies).

13.Click Record It to start the recording.

If I were you, I would do it my way, and get all the movies you can on that time period and get the most out of the 30 days or whatever it is.

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Default Re: Getting DVDs onto Ipod Video

Thanks, i will give that a go.
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Default Re: Getting DVDs onto Ipod Video

My opinion would be DVD Shrink, its what i use to get dvd's Onto my iPod. I use DVD Shrink but i here Cucosoft dvd to ipod converter suite is good also


Recently, compressed domain transcoders have reached quite some popularity. These transcoders are based on algorithms designed to recompress an MPEG-2 stream in real-time for TV broadcast. These programs can transcode an entire DVD movie in only a few minutes, because they do not have to decode and re-encode the entire video stream, but only part of it. This means it will save TIME and SPACE.

Then What i use to convert the DVD Files or make them fit on the IPOD i use THIS program called Cucosoft iPod Video Converter Suite


it only takes a few minutes also, and is very fast. (this one cost 30 dollars, but i may recommend just cracking or getting a key, i will not give you any links because that is against forum rules)

But i hope this may have helped.
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Default Re: Getting DVDs onto Ipod Video

Cucusoft and PQ DVD work well
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Default Re: Getting DVDs onto Ipod Video

if i were u i wouldn't convert them from dvd to ipod. i would convert the dvd to something, then that to ipod. u will get a way better result.

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