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Default general server


I'm planning on building a server to host some web sites, ftp, maybe a lan party once in a while and etc... So far my parts list is this: AMD Sempron 2600+ 1.6ghx skt 754 64-bit 800bus, mobo: Asus K8N nForce 250 Athlon/Sempron 64. I;m going with corsair 3gigs maxing men at start, and I was thinking of going with 300 or a 500 gig HD. This server might become a pc later thats why i'm going with the 64-bit, and change my current pc into the server once 64-bit goes more main stream. Also I'm going with knoppix as my os. do you think this is a good start besides the lowend processor? what should i go with as far as video cards? use my old geforce 5500 oc 256mb and get a 6800 for my current pc. or just buy and old MX400 for the server? And if you were to change this into a full time pc which processor should i get? This is the first time i'm going with amd and a linux os, so any info would be a god send.

thanks for any info.

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Default Re: general server

Ok a few questions to start, your planning on using this server for how much of a load? and do you know that you have an isp that will let you consume all this bandwidth?


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Default Re: general server

As far as bandwidth i should be fine, i already spoke with my provider on that subject. It shouldn't be too much of a load, since the site is only for family and friends. The only time i would worry about is a lan party. The games will be doom3, D3 ROE, HL2, Wolfenstein, quake4, and etc...
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