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Default Gateway GT5618E Questions

I have a Gateway GT5618E desk top computer that I bought brand new in 2008 that has went on the blink. When I turn it on and it starts to load, it just shuts off. I have read that these desk tops have had a lot of problems with the power supply going bad and taking out the motherboard, so I took it to a repair shop to have it looked at, and the guy said that the power supply and motherboard are bad.

I asked him to price fixing it for me and he come up with $300 for a new power supply and motherboard. Since I only paid $320 for it new, I thought I would try fixing it myself. So here are my questions:

What motherboards could I install in this tower that would be compatiable with what I had?

Can I use any of the parts off my old mother board (CPU, Heat Sink, etc.) on a new motherboard if I needed to?

I would also like to be able to upgrade the memory from the 2GB max on the old board if it is possible without to much trouble.

What are my best options to get this back up and running?

I would like to be able to do the work myself and stay with a $200 budget.

What would be the best upgraded power supply?

I do not use this computer for gaming. It is used a your basic home computer surfing, downloading and watching movies from the net.

If you need more information, please ask me and I will do my best to help you help me.

Here is a link to the specifications for this computer:


Thanks for any help

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Default Re: Gateway GT5618E Questions

The biggest problem you may run into is getting an off the shelf motherboard to fit your case. Sometimes manufacturers build their PCs in such a way that prevents regular off the shelf components to be used (or at the very least makes it really difficult). I wouldn't be surprised if even the PSU was made like that. This kinda forces you to buy their higher priced replacement parts. I'm not saying that it's impossible to replace these components with something else, just be aware that they might not fit properly inside the case.

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Default Re: Gateway GT5618E Questions

Thanks for the heads up, I will be sure to ask this question when trying to buy one.
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