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Old 03-30-2005, 01:56 PM   #1
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Default Is Gateway any good?

Looking for package deals and was wondering what you thought about Gateway performance, service, etc. Any help would be appreciated.

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Default Re: Is Gateway any good?

I thought that the Gateway company died a long time ago??

I personally recomend HP - The only reason I replaced my 4-year-old HP computer with a new HP computer was that it was simply too old to upgrade and I couldn't play the latest games.

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Default Re: Is Gateway any good?

We bought a gateway computer some 5, 6 years ago, so I can't really say how they're doing right now.. but that computer was good...
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Default Re: Is Gateway any good?

There good for copying and browing the internet and making pictures,banners and printing and downloading a bit of music and dvd's.
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Default Re: Is Gateway any good?

used to have a ghateway, recently replaced evrything on it to make a gaming platform (now the only thing thats gateway is the mouse pad), their service i think is excellent. I rank their customer service over dell. You go to their site to talk to a represenative. Now the represenatives you can tell do not know anything, but they look everything up. I have gone to them so many times asking questions about my gateway, and they simply get me an answer. I don't care if the people dont know crap (some of them do but you can tell most of them dont know what their telling you), but they get you an answer and fix it. Anything they dont know they look up and get to you in a timely manner.
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Default Re: Is Gateway any good?

My school uses gateways. There newest ones are like 2.4GHz. They seem pretty stable. There are many problems with IE, but I think it's a combination of bad installs of windows(it's not the original gateway install) and our completely crummy internet.

Now, if you get a cheaper computer, don't go for the cheapest! I've seen some of the cheapest dells and I think my old 1.4GHz could out perform them!(like 2.4 cele's)
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Gateway's are great sturdy things. Cheap too; well worth getting over a Dell and their Support is great.
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Default Re: Is Gateway any good?

They charged my friend 250 bucks for 256mb of pc-133 ram. They also have bad customer service, but most of the people here say they're good, so just go with that they said.
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Default Re: Is Gateway any good?

Thats probably just a series of bad incidents you or your friend have had with GATEWAY.

Persoanlly I have dealt with DELL and GATEWAY, and i like Gateway better. It's just easier to have someone walk you through steps online, rather then on the phoen, they can send you links, screenshots, and all the goodies.

And now onto you saying that GATEWAY tried to sell your friend a stick of 256 mb ram, for $250. Now, im going to have to call the bullsh*t alarm here. Either you simply or your friend simply does not like gateway. Now I would much rather as of right now make my own computer then leave it to GATEWAY to give me one, but i doubt Gateway is that dumb to think anyone will buy that. I inquired about buying similar ram except 512 mb, for $110. Still probably not the worlds greatest price, but its less then half of what you/your friend said. here is a direct quote from gateways site:

Originally Posted by Gateway
Memory's cheap, so you might as well stock up.
Now, I'm not Sherlock Holmes or anything (sp?) but i would think, that GATEWAY is not so dumb to call memory cheap, and then try to sell a stick of 256 for $250, when they have whole computers (maybe not good ones, but whole computers), for $599. Now, sure they may not be aiming at the most computer intelligent people out their, but i think along with around %99 of people that even people who aren't exactly computer genuis', can figure out that paying $250 for a part relativly small part of a computer when you compare it to all the other stuff in a computer, cost almost half, of a new computer GATEWAY themselves is saying. [/End Rant] [/End BullSh*t alarm]
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Default Re: Is Gateway any good?

I had a Gateway (2 systems ago) running on 800MHz Athlon Slot A. Yes, pretty ancient but it was a very sturdy machine. Never had a problem with hardware of any kind. Actually, it's still going strong now at a friend's house. I sold it to him. It does need a reformat badly because it hasn't been done since I used it last. It's so good that I never had to call tech support.

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