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Default Gaming Computer

Hey im new here so I will try to post this right

So ive been hard at work building a gaming computer and I would really like to finish it in the near future. I was fortunate enough to only have to spend $200 so far because I got a ton of stuff for my birthday ^_^ anyways im trying to build it the best I can so that I can play any game out there at max settings. I dont have too much to spend (about $300). I need a new motherboard and possibly crossfiring my graphics card with another one or selling the one I have and getting a new one. the specs are as follows:
HD raedeon his 4670 1 gig ddr3 with ice q fan technology pci express
AMD Phenom 2 black edition quad core 3.2 ghz processor
8 gigs (2x4 gig cards) pny gaming ram with heatspreader
750 watt cougar gaming psu
rangebooster wifi adapter
30 gig intel ssd
1terabyte western digital black hard drive for storage(partitioned to 2 500 gig drives)
blue ray burner
and last but not least sound blaster titanium sound card

Im not sure of the case but its not relevant to the topic other than it is a mid tower case.
I know my gpu seems less then up to par with the rest of my system but I am using a 15 inch lcd screen thats not HD so it can play at higher frame rates without too much dificulty. Im in need of a motherboard that can support both my cpu and my ram and gpu with sata 2 ports. Im still not sure if I need to crossfire my card or just get a new one or if its good enough as is. I know I can overclock it without voiding the warrenty but I want this to last. Please just remember I have no more than $300 to put into this and given my monitor I dont need a $900 card to get the job done. Any input would be much appriceated. Thank you
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