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Default Game freezes. Possible motherboard problem?

So I'm not really sure what this would fall under, but I am in need of assistance.

So in early 2010 my dad passed down his computer to me (he built it - it was about 5 months old at the time). At first I put in my own video card (it was better), and every game ran perfectly. A few months later I started having some trouble with World of Warcraft. Upon inspecting it, we replaced the motherboard and everything was good. Mid 2010 my computer starts acting very unusual. During games, ANY game I played occasionally I'd have graphical errors. Sometimes my screen would go black, and then it would go back to normal. I'd get a pop up bubble something along the lines of "Your Nvidia card has crashed and repaired itself" etc etc.

So after talking with a Frys Electronic guy (who apparently didn't know ****). I replaced my video card, much to my surprise same thing was happening. I replaced the video card twice, even tried new ones over the course of the next year. No avail. Well around the end of 2011 I expanded my horizons, I play a lot more games now. The problem is out of all the games I play, only World of Warcraft works normally. Every other game is a disaster. They all freeze. So let's take League of Legends for example. I can play about 2-3 games before my computer will freeze mid-game. And that is this way with every game I play. Now I have some money, so I want to fix this problem. I can't stand not being able to play my games. I've done research, and talked with a lot of people. None of them seem to give to much advice. I've been informed it could be my Motherboard, and that's really the only thing I've been told. It can't be the video card, at this point I've gone through 5 video cards (3 different ones).

Could the motherboard be causing this? If not, do you guys have any idea? Maybe some help on how to be sure it's the motherboard?

Yes, I play every game on the lowest possible settings. Anything above lower and the game will freeze within 30 minutes of playtime.

Games it freezes during: (Portal, Diablo 2, Starcraft 2, Diablo 3, League of Legends, DoTA, The Sims) those are just some. Doesn't matter if it's games from the 90s.

Hopefully somebody can offer some feedback. I thank you all for your time.


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Default Re: Game freezes. Possible motherboard problem?

i had this happen to me 3 times yesterday, once in each crysis 2, dota2 and runescape, so havnt started to diagnose prob yet, but i assumed it was going to be down to my crossfire arrangement as it has caused me nothing but headache.

i will only run one card and do what i can to find my problem and report back to you.

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Default Re: Game freezes. Possible motherboard problem?

@Skrizin....There can be many reasons for your issues. I can suggest to you the trouble shooting procedures I would follow if I had your machine.

However, before I can convey any suggestion, I'll need to know exactly what hardware you're running. You should always post your hardware in detail, anytime you ask for advice, or help, with a computer issue.
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Default Re: Game freezes. Possible motherboard problem?

Have you cleaned the dust out of it? I would start there.
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