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Old 03-03-2005, 04:27 PM   #1
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Default fx 55 or p4 3.4 EE w/ 2 mb OB L3 Cache?

What is a better proc for gaming? The AMD FX 55 or P4 3.4 EE w/ 2 meg Cache? I was just curious, because ive heard many people argue that the fx 55 would own the 3.4 in gaming apps. Me personally, would go with the FX 55, because I have seen both procs in action and ive seen many benchmarks where the FX 55 averages higher than the 3.4 in HL2 and Doom 3! Both Procs are going for about 1 grand on newegg, fx 55 $995 I belive and 3.4 $1125. You see, I go to a really cool lan center in Londonderry, New Hampshire called Area 51, and I personally know two guys, one has the FX 55 and the other 3.4 EE. And the dude with the 55 ( Mike ) argues that his proc runs over ( Brians ) proc the 3.4 . Anyway, Im going but if anyone lives in the New Hampshire area, deffinatly stop by Area 51. They have 20 PCs, soon upgrading to 35,
a DETICATED T1 line, and a bunch of other cool stuff. OMG their t1 absolutly flys i love it.

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FX 55
I dont have one personally, but At my lanparty's at whitebadger, one kid has an FX 55, and it fly's, it detroys all in its path, knocks down a ten story building and asks for more pain....
even though I havent seen the new 64 bt EE's in action, I like AMD better so i wouldnt buy one..

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Default Re: fx 55 or p4 3.4 EE w/ 2 mb OB L3 Cache?

the FX-55 owns, simply the best processor you can buy.
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I still have the same old HP DV9700T laptop I've had for years...still kickin'
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Default Re: fx 55 or p4 3.4 EE w/ 2 mb OB L3 Cache?

Fx55, u can oc it to 3.0ghz with good cooloing!! Even without the oc its unbeatable!!
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