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Default format and reinstall help!


I decided to reinstall Windows XP again but this time I decided to format the hard drive before reinstall XP. Because when I reinstalled without formating I'm not 100% happy, because still there is the old stuff! And even old programs are there, but without working. And as I said on the other thread in control panel I have many of the items, duplicated!

Please can someone tells me exactly from where I have to start. I tried to find some step by step instructions of how to format the HD but I can't understand it exactly. The bios thing and how to boot from the floppy, I can't understand it! I tried to insert the floppy in the drive but nothing happened after restarting.

Thanks in advance,


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Default Re: format and reinstall help!

ok, you will need to change your boot order in your BIOS to CD, you must know how to boot from a CD because you have reinstalled your OS before so i can skip that ...

Boot from XP Disk...

Go through your installation BUT STOP when you get to the partition section.

When you have to pick a partition to install on delete the C:\ Partition before installing i think you select it and then press D not too sure! i have not reinstalled for a while now

Now select the blank partition and start to install Windows you will notice that it says formating ... Thats good, that means you have done it correctly ... that will takes ages then your computer will restart and you will begin the installation.

I really hope you understand what i am saying because its really easy if you don't i can find you some websites. As i said its been a long time since i have installed Windows so please stay with me on this one.

~~~ tEcHnOmAn ~~~
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Hi Technoman,

Thanks for trying to help me cause I'm having a nightmare.

To make things clear. I have two partitions C and D and I want to format only the C. When I inserted the XP cd it asked me if I want to install XP on D and if I want to format it then I selected C. Then when I selected C it didn't ask me if I want to format it. And when I selected to delete the C partition it told me that it can't! Then I pressed F3 to quit the Windows setup.

After that I have reinstalled XP again (without format the c:/drive cause I really can't do it) and it seems better the duplicated items in Control Panel are gone and it seems OK. But still I have another problem.

when I restard the computer, I'm having a black screen with words as follows:

Please select the operating system to start:

Microsoft Windows XP Profesional
Microsoft Windows XP Profesional Setup


And I select Microsoft Windows XP Profesional because I don't know what am I going to do.

Thanks in advance and hope to hear from you soon!

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