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Default Flash Drive Security

I'm new to this forum so please be gentle. I'm learning a lot about computers and HAD a flash drive until it got stolen at school (OK- it's my own damn fault... I left it in the usb port for 10 minutes until I remembered and I went back for it). I bought a new one yesterday and want to put password protection on it (all but one file which will have my contact info and a reward notice on it). I want to leave about 2 MB free space (unprotected) to make it useless to anyone who might take it- and to protect my files. It's a 512 MB. I would also like the software to be simple and free (that's not asking much, is it?) as I am very cheap (college student with 4 kids!). My old flash had a private zone and a public zone (it came with Secure D software), but the new one doesn't. I've downloaded Secure D from Crucial's website, but it will only install on the computer, it doesn't do anything to my flash, so it must be a different part of the program that came installed on my old flash. Any suggestions??
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Default Re: Flash Drive Security

Welcome to Computer Forums..

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Default Re: Flash Drive Security

U could try some programs that are made for password protecting files in Windows. I don't know if it would work on a flash drive, but I gues it would. If not any other way then put that software on the flash drive. Then u could have like 1 folder in there (inside which is everything else) and a text file with ur contact info. This way when u try to open that folder it will ask for a password, and u can view the text file without a password.

If it works it will definitely make that folder unaccessible, but I don't know if it would prevent ppl from deleting it.

And I can't remember the name for that kind of program. But search around google, u should find something. And I'm afraid that most software like this are not free.
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Default Re: Flash Drive Security

hmmm Encription formatting...dont know enough about it to say anything try googling it, what about simply creating a RAR (winrar like winzip but with more features) to the size of say 510meg, then simply drag and drop into the flash drive.
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Default Re: Flash Drive Security

the problem with encryption via a program like that is then how do you decrypt it on the college computers then? rar would be a bit easier...

the pen drive I've got is lexar jumpdrive secure, and it allows encrytion of none/part/all of the drive via program on it. its very good! ebay 16 for 256mb
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