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Default Re: First time build for college student (newb alert)

All you need. It comes with everything.

Macook 13.3

2.13Ghz Intel Core 2 Duo-2GB DDR2 800 Mhz-500GB Western Digital Caviar Blue- Nvidia 9400M
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Default Re: First time build for college student (newb alert)

Originally Posted by Rhogeist View Post
That sounds actually kind of fun. I'd probably like to get this done within the next 2 weeks...Junior year starts soon.

Otherwise, how does everyone think this one looks?: http://www.tigerdirect.ca/applicatio...937&CatId=2629

5 sec boot time? Wow.
It's only a dual core, and I would say if you're building go with a quad core, it is more expensive now, but you won't have to upgrade later on. Also since you said you want to play games, I would go with DDR-800 RAM minimum. 1066 would be perfect (This is what I mean when it comes to ram Numbers)
Also the Graphics card isn't really good, COD and WoW will have to be played on low graphics
However everything else is pretty good, plus it looks sexy
Those downsides aren't really too bad, they are all fixable.
The processor you could upgrade later on (3-4 years later down the road) RAM is good DDR2-800 is Ok, but I would go for 1066 if you plan on keeping this. Also the graphics card poses no problem, you can buy yourself a nice one for $140.
Now the problem is, this computer is $800.
Add the processor and the graphics card, and you will end up spending over $1000, whereas a home built computer can be made for $900 with good parts and will last longer.
It does say it is 5 second boot, but remember that it is Linux not Windows (Not really a problem, but you may want to keep Windows)
Plus I bet the boot is when you first buy it, add programs, install what you need, and I doubt the 5 second boot will stay.

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Default Re: First time build for college student (newb alert)

These are great suggestions guys. I'm going to work on finalizing it tomorrow, and I'll post up what I've decided then.

So, there might be a hitch in my master plan.

My parents will pay for half of the computer, but on the condition that I don't build it myself. Now I maybe stupid, but I'm not so stupid that I'd pass up this opportunity.

Because of this, I'm probably going to get a laptop. Just seems more cost effective.


I was thinking this computer, but I would get more RAM. Used for gaming, surfing, etc.

What does everyone think?

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