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Default Firewire/Audio/Mic Case to Mobo

When I purchased the case, the Firewire connector looks exactly like a USB plug in, Iíve never played with firewire so far, but I like having everything hooked up when I have a case.

Here is the pin layout:
NC1 Pin 1
Key Pin 2
TPA+ Pin 3
TPA- Pin 4
GND Pin 5
GND Pin 6
TPB + Pin 7
TPB Ė Pin 8
+12v Ė Pin 9
+12v Ė Pin 10
NC2 Pin 13
Key Pin 14

Now, if you have ever put a PC together sometimes when you get the case, the USB connectors have a preset, so you just slide them on all at once, then sometimes they are free floating connectiors. But in this case the FireWire port looks exactly like the USB connector, they are not free floating wires. From the pin diagram, I would assume it is setup for two firewire ports. But the port I have is setup for a single port.

I'll list the color of the wires, and what port they are hitting. As of the wire's job, I am not completely sure.

Pin 1, 2, and 3 are vacant.
Pin 3 White Cable
Pin 4 Empty
Pin 5 Red
Pin 6 Green
Pin 7 Empty
Pin 8 Black
Pin 9 Orange
Pin 10 Light Blue (Cyan, or something close to that color)

Okay I am starting the process of my new computer, I do not currently have all the parts as of yet. But Iím just throwing them in my case as I get them.

Iíve put motherboards together on PCís before, but this case, and motherboard connectors donít match up, and Iím wondering if I got the pins right.

The Pin Connectors from the case:
Ear Ret L Pin 10
Ear Out L 9
Mic In
Mic Power
Gnd = Pin 2
Ear Ret R Pin 6
Ear Out R Pin 5

As for the Mic In, and Mic Power, Iím not sure where they go. But if I had to guess it would be, Mic In Pin 1, and Pin 3 would be Mic Power. But this is what I would assume.

Pin Layout on Motherboard
Pin 1 Mic-L
Pin 3 Mic-R
Pin 5 Line_FPOUT_R
Pin 7 Aud_Det
Pin 9 Line_Fpout_L
Pin 2 GND
Pin 4 VCC
Pin 6 Line_Out_R
Pin 8 Key
Pin 10 Line_out_L

If you are wondering about the motherboard it is a Tyan S2895 Thunder K8WE http://www.tyan.com/products/html/thunderk8we.html


The case is http://www.newegg.com/Product/Produc...82E16811133149
I'm not entirely impressed with the looks, it is pretty sleek though. I purchased it because of the dual 120MM locations, and the reverse MB affect, and additional due the the overall size. The size is really uncommon, I've noticed.
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