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Default few questions

first time builder here. my hdd light constantly goes off always blinking like its reading something, is there something wrong? and my whole pc boots up fine and my cpu fan takes a few secs to boot up after the whole system this ok?

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Default Re: few questions

Welcome to the forum!

Yup, sounds pretty much normal to me. Any activity on the drive will make the light blink. Could be any number of the running processes that Windows has going, a virus scanner, any apps you're running, stuff like that. Are you sure your CPU fan is lagging behind? That's normally one of the first things to start up when you press the start button.

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Default Re: few questions

Yea thats the last fan inside my case to start spinning i can see inside the case when i power up. Antec 900

And one other thing i wanna mention. Im running a q9550 quad core. And on core temp when im at idle cores 1-2-3 idle between 31-33 celsius, and core #4 idles at 37 celsius never changing at all. Until i put it under load then it goes up, and comes back down and stabilizes at 37 celsius again never changing.
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Default Re: few questions

That's normal, and a good idle temperature. Chances are the difference is because your heatsink isn't entirely flat on your CPU, but I wouldn't fiddle around with it. It's entirely normal for temperatures to go up when things are under load - it'll consume more power doing more work, and thus produce more heat.
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Default Re: few questions

Good Idle temps as berry mentioned. The temperature differences could just be the sensor being in a different spot than the others. Also could be that part of the heatsink isn't making as much contact to that area than the others.

Nothing to really worry about I don't think.
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