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Default External monitor for laptop


I'm trying to set up my laptop in more of a desktop manner. It's native resolution is 1600x900, I am wondering if the monitor I will buy for it has to match this resolution or maybe it can run a higher res?

Also, I was considering buying a laptop docking centre but all I will actually have is the external monitor and keyboard plus mouse. I was thinking if I just set the laptop to not sleep when the lid is closed I can use it just like that. Is this feesible or do I need a docking station?

Many thanks for any replies.

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Default Re: External monitor for laptop

A higher res monitor is only going to go as high as the laptop will let it. With an exception of Wide screen... you may see some different numbers there. It'll be the same, just wider :P

You can get a docking station if you want... only thing is if you get one that plugs in to your Laptop via USB then you have monitor, keyboard, and VGA or DVI going through usb. If you game this might not be that great...

I would stick with just plugging the monitor, keyboard, and mouse in when I get home. It's just three cables... and really the difference in time between plugging in 3 vs plugging in 1 is like 5 seconds lol... up to you though!


Edit* Sorry, some laptops are built to be docked and have special connectors on them. If you have one of those (or if I did) then yes, I would get a dock. It's build specifically to transer data more effeciently.
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