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Default External HD Question

I got one of those Western Digital 1TB Element external hard drives. It didn't come with squat for directions but I finally figured out I can drag and drop to put stuff in it.

I want to save everything I have on my laptop to it, so can I just d & d the whole c: drive to it? It sounds too easy so I didn't want to try it.

I also don't know how to get to my emails to move them either. Sincerely grateful for any and all help. Thanks to the admin and mods for providing this resource.

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Default Re: External HD Question

You would be better off making a drive image of your laptop using something like Symantec Ghost. There are freeware utilities out there that do the same thing as well. This way, if your laptop hard drive ever crashes and becomes unrecoverable, you could just replace it and restore the drive image onto it and be on your way.

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Default Re: External HD Question

I don't really understand your answer but I appreciate the effort. I'm trying to learn to use a product that came with no instructions, and when I called customer support I got some guy in another country whom I couldn't understand.

Maybe I should rephrase my question, do any other members have this product and if so can you enlighten me on its use?

cboucher I will try and figure out what you're saying and see if I can do it, but for now I just want to essentially transfer the hard drive on my laptop to this HD so I have it backed up asap. Then, I can come from another angle like what you describe and have yet another one as well in case the ext hd goes t.u. as well one day.
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Default Re: External HD Question

What's the model number? You should be able to look up and download the manual from Western Digital.
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Default Re: External HD Question

Yes you can drag and drop. this would move all files and folders..but it would be easier if you just chose the files you wnted and dragged and dropped (this is the easiest way..pointless to create a drive image due to the fact that you would have to open it up with another program such as daemon or something)

But drag&drop will work.

Also for your email. If your using outlook it should be two types of files idx and dbx. Should be located in

C:\Windows\Application Data\Microsoft\Outlook Express\Mail

You can drag and drop that folder over....
alternatively you can go to start > search and search .dbx and there should be something like "SentItems.dbx" or "inbox.dbx"

Do the same with idx and copy and paste those over to your hard drives..later on you should be able to open your inbox on another computer and have the same emails...
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