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Default external hd/limewire

ok i am buying a laptop and an external hd and i am planning on using limewire.. i heard that the copyright people are less likley to sue people with under 500 songs in my shared folder.. would i get caught put them in a diffrent folder on an external hd? thanx please respond

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Default Re: external hd/limewire

Hmmm.. well...... filesharing itself is not illegal, only sharing copywrited materials. Assuming your sharing all legal things, i dont see what anybody would charge you with anyways. But just in case.... moving things from you shared folder offers some protection, simply because if it is not in your shared folder, noone can d/l it from you, and your not distributing copywrited material. The external HD doesnt really matter, because a file is a file, as long as it's not in the shared folder its just a file and nothing more. Now thats not to say to go crazy d/l anything, because there are others ways of getting caught through file sharing programs that i'm not going to go into.

Hope this helps...


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You get nailed it's gonna be bad news...
And we don't talk about this stuff around here. If you want info about that go to a another forum. There are sites that will fill your head with all sorts of "it's ok" sort of thing. But stealing/pirating is still against the law anyway you slice or dice it. If they want you they will serve you with a search warrant and take ALL of your computer gear and check it. Anything on there that is pirated or stolen and well you're gonna have a real bad day. Why not just sign up for one the "legal" download sites and plunk down your 20 or so a month and be free and sleep good at night?
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