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Default Extended Desktop


recently bought this graphics card N Vidia GeForce 7100 GS for 2 reason 1 to extended desktop on my t.v and 2 for a decent graphics card to run second life

now it runs second life fine i wud recommend it to anyone but the extended desktop is not how my old onboard used to be.

now let me try to explain because it sort of does extended desktop but not how i wud like it 2. on my laptop i used to have my laptop screen as my primary display and my t.v as an extended desktop so on my laptop i have start bar and desktop icons and everything u usually wud have on a desktop and on the t.v i jus had a blank desktop wallpaper and if i click maximise on my laptop screen the app wud fill my laptop screen this is wot i like.

but on my new desktop with this graphics card the desktop is extended over both displays but not in the same way the task bar stretches all the way through both screens so if i click maximise on my computer screen it stretches over my t.v aswell as my primary display. is it possible to set it up how i had my laptop ??

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Default Re: Extended Desktop

Okay I think I kind of understand what your saying. Say after you load windows when you try and run extended desktop you'll get the same picture on both screens with 2 mouses? What type of hookup are you using for your tv s-video out? If so i'm not sure if you can set it up like that.

If you have a tv/computer monitor plug it into the secondary slot then do this.
In your display properties what are you seeing for monitor options? You should have 2 blocks for 2 monitors. Display 1 and Display 2 . Click on your 2nd display not your primary and check extend my windows desktop onto this monitor. Then resize to the same resolution if possible. Most TV's unless LCD tvs or Plasma's are not going to have a very high resoultion!
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