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Default EVGA nividia GTX 650 ti HDMI audio issues

It's weird that I have issues worth talking about with my computers.
I was using the 4000 graphics built in to the Intel system. Sound good, looks good. But I'm adding doodads as I go alone and the vid card is one of them. I wanted to take the load off the cpu and control chip. If you look at the tech manual for the motherboard, the HD3000 and 4000 series graphics is pretty complicated. There's a lot going on. By adding a vid card I was looking at taking the load off both and get the temps down.

I did run in to what appears to be a common issue with the sound over the HDMI cable. It doesn't work out of the box. I ran Google ragged looking for information about the problem. Some interesting reading but no solution. Seems the ones having problems were connecting to a sound system and feeding on out to the TV or monitor. Mine has the same setup.

At first I though it was the sound system not being HDCP compliant but toss that out because it works with the onboard video and sound. It had to be how the card drivers were setting themselves up that was the culprit.

In the sound setup the monitor, HDMI 1, HDMI 2, and the DVI sound devices were grayed out and had a red down arrow. No matter what I did they would not activate. Gomplayer did see the HDMI hokup and it was listed as one of the devices it could use. More tinkering with that just proved fruitless.

Then the light came on over my head.

I had loaded the latest version of the drivers from nividia, not from EVGA. So off to the EVGA site. Same drivers with same version. Nix that idea.
But Then I recalled the surround sound system had powered off due to no signal. Hmmm Installed drivers and it didn't see a signal path for the sound so the sound part of the card was not enabled.

Made sure the sound box was on and set for HDMI. Did a reinstall of the drivers checking the box for a clean install. When done I went back to the sound setup and made the monitor sound the default. Fired up Gomplayer and played John Carter and damn near woke up half the hotel.

Point is when you install a vid card and divert the sound to HDMI sound system, make sure the bloody thing is on and set for HDMI. Other wise like me and others, you'll be chasing your tail for a minute setting it sorted out.

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Default Re: EVGA nividia GTX 650 ti HDMI audio issues

I always hate when I pull a Homer Simpson, but at least it gives me a reason to say: d'oh!
Don't take life too seriously -- no one gets out alive. Plus, who wants to arrive to the hereafter in pristine condition wearing a suit and tie?
I want to slide in sideways, worn out, used up, hair a mess, clothes tattered, & screaming, "Whooo! What a ride!"
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