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Default Evga 8800 GTS and requirements.

Hey everyone, I was wondering if you could help me out here. Right now Im thinking of upgrading from my Nvidia 7300 GT to one of the DX10 cards. Specifically a, EVGA GeForce 8600 GTS at 675 Mhz Core Clock Speed. I feel this is enough for a start on DX10 to play games like Crysis, I don't need it maxed out by any means. But here is where I need your help, in my tower I have a 400W power supply, will this be enough to power this card and my other specs?(one 320 gb hard drive, two dvd burners, intel core 2 duo 6600, 2 gigs of ram). Last question I could use some help with is right now I have Windows XP, now do I need to upgrade to Vista to be able to run the DX10 or is XP capable of running DX10 as well? Thanks a bunch buys!

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Default Re: Evga 8800 GTS and requirements.

well i can answer the question about upgrading. yes you will need vista to make use of dx 10 although a patch seems likely for xp one day. its worth upgrading anyway.
that system should play crysis pretty well i would have thought

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Default Re: Evga 8800 GTS and requirements.

Yeah get vista for direct x 10 if you plan on using it . ALso the 400W powersupply will need upgrading prolly try and get a 600W or above quality power supply as 400W is the minimum reccomeded an it is better to be safe than sorry
And yeah that system should handle crysis
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Default Re: Evga 8800 GTS and requirements.

i would recommend a 650watt power supply
so insure every thing gets what it needs
xp cant run x10 on vista
can but vista is a solid os
i find it much better then xp tho
some may disagree but oh well
but 2 g an intel core 2 duo and that 8800 you will be able to run crysis in high
not max but high settings
(may i also recommend bioshock and gears of war pc)
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Default Re: Evga 8800 GTS and requirements.

esa - He meant 8600GTS, not 8800GTS. For future reference, the 8800GTS minimum power requirement is only 400 watts. 650 watts would just be wasting your money.

Anyway, for an 8600GTS, the minimum power supply requirement is 350 watts. A 400 watt power supply should do just fine with your specs. If you start experiencing system instabilities, you may want to upgrade to a 450 or 500 watt, but I think the 400 watt should be okay.

And as everyone else said, yes, you need Vista for DirectX 10.
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