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Default Re: evga 680I mobo and ocing a Q6600

so if i get the 680i A1 version as i planned i should be able to OC well and also how did that list look is that a good set up should i change anything if the A1 OC well im gonna switch back to the 680i and get faster ram

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Default Re: evga 680I mobo and ocing a Q6600

The 680I is the best of both worlds. You get great overclocking plus sli support. I believe we went over the revision differences a while ago and i'm sick of typing the same thing over and over for you. So here is a page from Maximum PC on there 07 dream build with the Evga 680i.

"Overclockability means more to us than bling. We were faced with a tough decision when choosing a board for this year's dream machine. We could have gone with the flashy features of the Asus Stiker Extreme or the all out overclocking potential of Evga's 680I SLI board. In the end, we decided to go for broke with EVGA's offering. A good thing too as overclocking a quad core can be a bitch. Luckily, the nForce 680I sli didn't let us down. We successfully pushed our quad pasts its 3Ghz stock speed to 3.66Ghz fairly easily. We couldn't get past 3.5Ghz with the striker without blowing chunks. Why not Intel boards? Going nForce gives us SLI support something you certainly can't get on Intel's new P35 boards."

Check out the Evga forums most peope are getting the Q6600 around 3.3-3.6Ghz range on air.

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