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Default Ethernet port problem

I am having trouble with my Ethernet port on my desktop. A week ago, my ethernet port stop working. My computer is unable to connect to my DSL modem. I thought that my On-board E-port "broke" so i went out and brought an external E-PORT card but the same problem still occurs.

The thing is that I am unable to connect to my dsl modem on my laptop with the same WIRE and i can surf the web fine.

I have tried:
Using a new Wire
Resetting DSL modem and my computer
google'd and did many ' IP release/renew" and etc commands.
Updating BOTH of my onboard and external E-port drivers
Uninstall and reinstalling the drivers
Did a Roll back
scanned my computer
Brought a NEW external E-port card

any idea what the heck is going on?

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Default Re: Ethernet port problem

You're probably steamrolling right over the issue. That is to say, not fixing a single issue, instead, you're just trying everything hoping that it fixes something (I do it all the time...sigh)

Have you tried to use a basic switch and connected the desktop and laptop to it, then assign them both an IP address in the same network? I.e. and with a subnet of If you do that, you should be able to share files between the two without an issue. If you can't, then there's an issue going on with the NIC or the cabling/switch.

External Ethernet Adapters are squirrelly at best. I try not to use them at all. If your onboard port is dead, buying a new add-in card will often bypass the issue.

I'm a bit confused by your response however. You said:

Originally Posted by namezox
The thing is that I am unable to connect to my dsl modem on my laptop with the same WIRE and i can surf the web fine.
So, which part is right? The DSL modem does or doesn't work on the laptop?
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