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Default Estimate On How Much This Laptop Is Worth

I'm trying to sell my laptop, and wondering about the price I should post. I'll just copy, and paste the craigslist ad.

SYSTEM COLOR Alienware M15x, Cosmic Black
PROCESSOR Intel® Core™ i7-720QM Quad Core Processor 1.6GHz (2.8GHz Turbo Mode, 6MB Cache)
OPERATING SYSTEM Windows Vista 64-Bit Proffesional (Can upgrade to Windows 7 if you like)
WARRANTY AND SERVICE There is still a 1 year basic service warranty in effect until October 2nd, 2010, so 144 days from the time this post was created
LCD PANEL 15.6-inch WideHD+ 1600x900 (900p) WLED
MEMORY 4GB Dual Channel DDR3 at 1066MHz
HARD DRIVE 500GB 7200RPM SATA Hitachi. (The laptop came with a 250GB 7200RPM Hard-drive, but I upgraded this just recently, I still have the original harddrive in which will be included)
BATTERY OPTIONS Primary - 6-cell (56Watt) Lithium-Ion Battery
WIRELESS CARDS Wireless 1520 802.11n Half Mini-Card
SOUND OPTIONS Internal High-Definition 5.1 Surround Sound Audio
BLUETOOTH Internal Bluetooth 2.1 Mini-Card - 2.1 Enhanced Data Rate
Adobe Reader Acrobat SW Adobe Acrobat Reader

Those are the details about it, now I'll give you a brief summary of my expierence with it. I use to play World of Warcraft, and it was maxed out easily, and never had any lag delays due to PC components, the laptop runs exactly as it was designed. I have programs I ran when the PC was on that displayed the laptops temperature, and proccesses. The temperature's stayed cool, and the hardware ran exactly how it was described it would, I never saw a gimmick in the CPU, Video Card, RAM, or DVD Reader, the display is clear, and the exterior casing is still in mint condition, now here are the the cons to it. The battery doesn't last that long when its not plugged in to an AC outlet. Its nothing wrong with the laptop its just the laptop takes alot of power to run, and that was one downsize to all the m15x's is that situation, so I wouldn't advise this to someone who plans on playing it unplugged, but if you are just sitting in an aiport or something it will still give you around 1.5 hours of time. Thats really the only downside to this laptop.

Most people know Alienware for the way it looks so I'll describe the exterior structure. I was amazed on how strong the exterior casing is. The bottom part has a part that you can un-screw and get to the PC itself, and everything is so neatly organized, and accessible incase you want to make an upgrade to it. The front part has a 2 lights on the corner in which you can choose what color you want it to display or morph into. The keyboard is also broken in 4 customizable segments in which you can choose what colors you want. You can see in my picture, and these lights can be turned off if you don't like them.

Sorry for the wall-o-text, heres a link to the ad as well for pictures:

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Default Re: Estimate On How Much This Laptop Is Worth

$700-$850. Just a guesstimate.

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Default Re: Estimate On How Much This Laptop Is Worth

Originally Posted by GibsonSGKing View Post
$700-$850. Just a guesstimate.
I second this guesstimate.
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