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Default computer mysteriously restarts

Title should be "computer mysteriously restarts" instead of "encrypting my comp":

Without any forewarning, my computer restarts from time to time. My techno-savy friend has run numerous diagnostic tests on my hardware and has found no problems. Thinking it may be the cause of a virus, my friend suggested for me to reformat my harddrive, which was also good in getting rid of my spyware. Upon writing an essay today, the computer once again restarted, and I didn't save!!! I asked my friend once again, and he says that I may have to buy a new video card. Any suggestions? Thanks to those who reply.

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Default Re: encrypting my comp

yeah, ive have the same problem a while ago on my new comp. when the comop restarted, did some "serious error" message come up, saying that the system has recovered from some error? plus, did some "send this to mricorsoft" error report come up? if it did, you should send it. when i had that problem, i never pressed send and my comp was just restarted over and over again. then i finally presssed send and when i did, microsoft sent me something ( a big suprise to me!) saying that they had recognized my prob and had a solution to it. it turns out that one of my programs (visual basic.net) had not been updated and was running it the background, all the while crashing and taking the comp down with it. so if u have visual basic, this might be the rpob. if u dont, then just reformat and go from there. hope this helps.

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I'm not running visual basic, nor does an alert pop up after restarting saying that the computer has recovered from a serious error. I will, however, look into sending errors to microsoft as I have always ignored those pop-up messages. Thanks for your response.
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Default Re: encrypting my comp

I believe it is a power supply problem. If you bought your computer from a reseller, they usually put cheap power supplies which sometimes glick and restarts. If you PC has some type of warranty, get the power supply checked.
And to those who think they can eliminate all there problems by reformatting often wrong.
You should only reformat as your last solution, not your first! Formatting an re-installing the operating system and all the software takes some time. Having a stored backup is much faster.
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