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Default Re: In-ear philips headphones come out the wrong end... WTF?

Setishock-- i would have thought this was the case too, but I'm actually quite the opposite. I'm obsessed with keeping my stuff in pristine condition. My ipod is always in it's iSkin, I never run or do anything that involves too much movement with it. It is always safe in my desk drawer, far away from any liquids or anything like that.

My laptop is like my child... But unfortunately I think the screen burnt out because it was lowered and a DVD was burning, so it got REALLY hot... So yes, that'd probably be my fault, but I had no idea the thing could get so freaking hot. Got the laptop about a year ago

My MOTHERF****ING PHONE: this thing, is a piece of crap. Like, you have no idea how angry this thing has made me. I always keep it in it's velvet case, rarely ever text or take calls or take pictures. Here are all of the problems I've experienced with it (each one, the verizon guy says, oh yeah we've had other people with the same problem)
1. The photo quality (which is "revolutionary", as pointed out by LG/verizon on how good it is) just totally died out of nowhere, and it became pixelly and only green

2. The photo quality died AGAIN.

3. The back cover holder fell off (which is odd considering i've never once opened the back cover)

4. And then of course this time, the LCD screen in the front has completely flooded itself...

I'm going to go crazy

traffic in the skyy
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