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Default DVI to VGA

I want to connect my PC to my TV. My graphics card is a Matrox P650 which has dual DVI outputs. The DVI is 19pins. I want to get the best picture qualty on my Sony KDF E50A12U TV which has HDMI & VGA inputs. I tried to connect a 29pin DVI cable to HDMI but I could not get a picture. First question can a 19pin DVI be connected to 29pin DVI (they fit together).

I next used a DVI to HD15 connector and connected a vga to vga cable. Success great picture quality.
What I need to know is what is best configuration in order to get the best signal quality to the TV should I get:
1) 19pin DVI to VGA cable
2) use the adapter and get VGA to VGA (as I have now)
3)DVI 29pin to VGA cable. This leads into the confusing world of DVI. Will a 29pin DVI (male) work with 19pin DVI (female).

Any advice very welcome.

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Default Re: DVI to VGA

You might wanna stay with the connection you have now ( getting a dvi to vga cable will yield the same result)

Also, I don't think you can't connect a 29 pin to a 19 pin DVI. You might want to double-check on that though.

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Default Re: DVI to VGA

Care to take pics of the 19-pin and 29-pin? I'm quite confused here
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Default Re: DVI to VGA

You might be able to find an adapter... but you would need an adapter. You couldn't just plug one into the other. Try searching for one. A quick search for me yealded this but of course you know better what exactly you are after.

Personally I would stick with the DVI to VGA. You shouldn't be able to notice the difference I would have thought. I can't at least!
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