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Default Re: Dumb Question about processors

Originally Posted by ssc456 View Post
hang on is it me or has no 1 failed to mention the fact that you simpley cant compare C2D CPU's with single core CPU's.

like some1 said a 1.6Ghz C2D would be twice as good as a 1.6Ghz single core thats complete crap it would more likely be bout 8 times better than the single.

but you just cant compare dual core cpu's with single core cpu's for instance
the best pentium 4 processor out there would not compare to the cheapest Core2Duo there C2D would just destroy it in any benchmark

OK, so when I buy a computer, how do I know if it will run certain programs? Right now I might not need to worry about it, but in 9 months (when I'm outdated), how can I measure the performance of a processor? All of the Ghz ratings are for single core processors.

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Default Re: Dumb Question about processors

OK laptops are no good for gaming cos they are never better then their desktop counterparts . For instacne a gaming laptop is $1800 but for $1800 you could get a desktop nearly double the power and spec

also i dont realy like laptops for gaming cos they get hot and you have less choice over upgradability so once they are obselet you cant upgrade as much asbout them
another thing is the screens are never as big as ones you can get for desktop and you have more choice over monitors for gaming

if a game says 1.8ghz cpu it usually means a single core such as a pentium 4 cpu but if you had a 1.4ghz core 2 duo this would be more than capable as it is more than 2 times better then the pentium 4 remember the MORE as it is not just double the operformance but severel times more

why ?, it is because the whole arcitecture or internal circuit design of the core 2 duo is much better than a pentium 4 .The bus speeds and levels of l2 cache are also better thus meaning a much better system .
Another thing to consider is a lot of old computers typical of 1.7ghz pentium 4's only use ddr ram whereas core 2 duos utilise ddr2 and even ddr3 ram thus meaning better performance all round as well so its not just the processor that determines the speed of a system

Originally Posted by esa193 View Post
every prossesor is different the way its built
the way it uses information
some r better then other
wats better one large powerful engine or 2 weaker engines working together?
the 2 week ones
so lets say u got a pentuim 4 3.2ghz
and a core 2 duo e6600 2.4 ghz
all tho the pentuim 4 runs faster then
the core 2 duo it dosnt have 2 engines to devide the work up
thats on simple terms
but when u get more complicated u have stuph called pipelines
(wair the info in a cpu trails to be porssessed)
the more pipelines and the more info they can move along in a shorter time will give u a faster loading time for the program
a good example would be a pentuim dual core
and a core 2 duo
a pentuim d can run at 3 ghz unoverclocked in the box
and your can have a core 2 duo clocked at 2.0 ghz
all tho they are both dual cores
the core 2 duo has a higher front side buss
the d had way to low of an fsb while the core 2 duo had a much
larger one
since is had a much larger one it will be able to prosses info much much faster
put that with better pipelines and other stuph and it allows the core 2 duo to work much better then the pentuim d
(plus the over clock much better)=P
No offence dude but nobody is gonna take advice or info you are posting seriously if you cant be arsed to make the effort to spell corectly . people dont expect oxford grade grammer but come on my dog could do better than that . If you use FF try the spellchecker

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Default Re: Dumb Question about processors

well since u are technologically deficient then building a computer is not an option even though it is the best way to get a computer that is cost efficient and reliable.

And Laptops are not or gaming Desktops are bigger and therefor u can upgrade easily.

As for a DESKTOP for about 500 dollars i would like to no if u would want to go for the best gaming experience out there (about $1000-2000) or if u will go with mid gaming ($600-$900) and as for $500 u would go with decent gaming but mostly with a computer that will run games on low graphics.
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Default Re: Dumb Question about processors

I wouldn't say building his own isn't an option. Anyone can build a computer. If something doesn't plug in easily, and still won't plug in easily after flipping the connector 180 degrees, It doesn't go there.

But as to your question about a $500 gaming computer that won't be out dated, that computer is already outdated. I would save up and get something a little better.
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Default Re: Dumb Question about processors

For a grand you could have the setup celegorm has in his sig... well minus the nice ram and GPU, but get 2 gigs of corsair ram for like 70, a 7600GT to be later upgraded to two GTs, an e6600 c2d, 680i Sli (get SE edition it is much cheaper), a nice powersupply, and you got yourself a decent gaming computer.
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Default Re: Dumb Question about processors

Yeah you can get a really good laptop but it wouldn't be too good for hard core gaming.

The reason for this is...
1: Low hard drive space. Most games out now take up a couble of gigs of your hard drive. Laptops are limited to about 120 gigs.
2: Lack of selection in graphics. All games require a graphics card. (All the new games.) Laptops have onboard graphics, a few do have some kind of better graphics than alot of laptops but they're expensive.
3: Limited memory. Most laptops only go up to about 2 gigs of RAM. (RAM = memory, dont confuse this with the hard drive memory.) 2 gigs of ram is enough to play most games, but soon enough you will need to upgrade your memory and find there is none available.
4: Processors. I havent seen any processors running 6600's. (are there?) they only go up to like 1.83 GHz core 2 duo's if im correct. Again, that will run most games but soon you will need an upgrade and you will find upgrading difficult.
5: Size. The screen is very small, and the keyboard is small also and has a weird layout. When I use my laptop for gaming, I hook it up to a different monitor, different keyboard and mouse and speakers. That pretty much destroys the purpose of a laptop. You can't play games on a laptop while on the move. Unless you have alot of room for monitors/keyboards mice and speakers.
6: Every computer begginer makes the mistake of buying a dell/gateway/mac. Do not buy one of those. If you're gona buy something good get a sony/other small company that custom builds the computer.
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Default Re: Dumb Question about processors

Gateways and Dells aren't bad, just not very good for hardcore gaming.

Really, the only problem with laptops for gaming is the price vs. performance ratio. If you're willing to shell out $4,000 for a laptop, then there's really no problem, you'll be able to play the latest games. But you could get the same computer as a desktop for probably only $1,000.

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