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Default Re: duel 4GB RAM?

you have a dual core cpu
instead of 2 cpus
2 cpus are the physical processors that are under the heat sink
server mobo and the skulltrial mobo have dual(or more) cpu interfaces on them
your cpu has dual cores (2 graphs in the task manager window)
there is a slight differance between the two

but the only issue with having 2 cpus is that they both use the same FSB(or what ever it is on the i7 cores)
so basicly you will only be able to get use of one CPU and not both
there isnt enough bandwidth for both of them (or a controller [*hint hint Intel*]) to make use of both of the CPUs
so yeah
just thought i would let you know
and now im done with my rant

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Default Re: duel 4GB RAM?

if your OS can support it, then yes, just plug it in and turn it on. then upon startup there should be a little balloon in the bottom right of ur screen that says found new hardware, then just wait a min then it will be fine and totally useable.
o and btw if your OS only supports 3gb or sumfin putting another 2gb in(eg:making 4gb)wont make any diff, it will still just read 2gb.

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