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Default Re: Dual Socket771 Xeons or Intel Core Quadro?

Originally Posted by XEN
WOW! That thing must have cost alot! By they way AMD RULES are you gonna change your username when you get a Core 2 Duo/Xeon? lol


I'm still i AMD fan, but the 8mb l2 cache on the Quadros is pretty cool...

Idk....AMD has kinda let me down in the last few months

I think I may and watch out on the Core Quadro over the Dual xeons

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Default Re: Dual Socket771 Xeons or Intel Core Quadro?

Originally Posted by ownage
The video card choices are limited, but they get most of them. Ranging from low end cards to high end gaming/workstation cards, its pretty much all you need. And why are FB-DIMMS crap? Sure they are pricey, and a little slower, but they are much better than regular ECC/Buffered RAM. And DDR2 prices are soaring right now, too much demand.
they definetly do not get "most of" the video card options, the 7300 series card is fine for people who just want to do audio editing or non-video related things, BUT the TWO other cards do not cover the gamut of video cards at all, the quadro 4500 is not even the top workstation card anymore, sure its great, but i would have liked to see them offer 4500x2 and 5500. and the 1900 series card doesnt perform as well as its PC counterparts.

fb-dimm is crap imo BECAUSE it is indeed more expensive than regular ddr2. regular ddr2 prices still are not "soaring" that much that they come to the level of fb-dimms, and even if they did id still prefer regular simply because there are more options. fb-dimms cost more and are not as efficient as ddr2.

apple is so limited in its desktop hardware department, that its pretty embarrassing to even expect something from them. they need to give options like Core 2 cpus and more video cards like the entire nvidia 7900 series. or even the ati firegl series.

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