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Default Dual Processor

Greetings. My name is chris valaer, and have been considering building a dual-processor linux machine for brute forcing, code compling, looking for aliens (really...uses seti@home), AI and other tasks...does anyone have any recomendations for building a dual processor comp? i hear they can be tricky.

any information would be appreciated.

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Default Re: Dual Processor

Well, most programs Dont support Dual core you can use them but no proformance benifit, So I think Just stick w/ Single FX-55 or 4000+ anyway, if you do want to have a dual core machene Buy one B/c they are Hard MOFOS. DUAl APPLE anyone or wait for dual single core CPUS In 5 or so months.

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Those sort of programs would work with Dual Cores - Games won't... and its possible your Operating System if you got the right one would make up for the programs which don't use Dual Core.

But yeah; if you're after serious code compiling you can't really beat a good Xeon Setup. Easy to purchase cheaper than an Itanium2, 64-bit and 32-bit unlike the Itaniums which need only 64-bit (although if you wanted Itanium on Linux you could easily recompile the programs you use to 64-bit Code) - and all you need is a Xeon Motherboard and two Xeons.

One problem with it though - you'll have to tell us how it performs
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