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Default Does anyone know or can anyone help

My HP Compaq 6735s has what seems to be a common problem with this model. When I power up the lights and fan go on and you hear it searching the disk drive but it doesn't boot up the screen stays black with no error messages and you can't get into the BIOS when you try re-booting. Every answer I get to the problem seems to be that it's a fault with the Motherboard, caused by over heating. When I look on ebay I see lots of faulty 6735s's for sale and most describe the same problem and put it down to ' faulty motherboard. Surely someone out there knows what component it is that normally gets damaged and if replaced would save me buying another complete motherboard.

Can anyone help with the answer to the most likely component to replace? Thanks

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Default Re: Does anyone know or can anyone help

Hm, well; many laptops have inherit motherboard problems, due to badly designed cooling and the like. Alternatively, sometimes the graphics chip on the motherboard will be the specific source of the overheating, or the CPU; if the ventilation and cooling are insufficient for the needs of either. Once a component has overheated X number of times, it will fail altogether. In a laptop, almost everything is build onto the motherboard (because of space limitations, and the board usually takes up a majority of the laptop casing) including GPU, usually CPU and all the other ROM chips. It doesn't sound like it's the RAM or hard drive that has failed, because then you'd get error messages. It sounds to me like the board (or something soldered onto it) has failed.

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Default Re: Does anyone know or can anyone help

Thanks for the reply Darkseeker! It was suggested to me that I should look for components close to and along the line of or under the heatsink for showing signs of over heating and even using an eye loop with 15X magnification, there is no sign of over heating. I was thinking that it could be something simple like a dry solder joint or something inherent. Also with it happening so much, that it may be the same component that usually fails and that there may be someone out there having repaired the problem a few times that can say which it is. It was quite funny when I went through the HP site and got to the end of there test and there was no answer. Up came a notice saying there had been an error and I should go back to the start of their test procedure. (Not their exact phrasing). It just came to a stop as if it was beat and couldn't think of anything to do! I read somewhere that engineers use some sort of jig costing lots and lots for testing motherboards I know that when I used to test circuits 20 odd years ago and not computer boards! you had to remove one leg of the component from the board before putting a meter on it. I haven't a clue about how to test a chip so I was just hoping that someone could name or point out the usual components to go when this scenario happens to the motherboard in this model as I can still handle a soldering iron.

Thanks once again for your input
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Default Re: Does anyone know or can anyone help

You can use Flash disk with WinPE system to load the system, then re-install the windows again.
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Default Re: Does anyone know or can anyone help

Dark's on the right path, and unfortunately for many systems like this, it's often more than just localized components that fail, and usually an inherent design flaw with the entire board, or sections substantial enough that it only makes sense to replace the entire board. Sadly, if the model is known for this, there's no real fix except to buy a different brand, especially if your warranty is expired.
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