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Default Dodgey Power Supply


I'm not sure if this is the right forum, or if this is even a hardware fault at all but my dad (fairly knowledgeable about computers) thinks it probably is. My problem is this; everytime I try and play one of my new games, it runs for roughly 10 minutes then all of a sudden the monitor goes blank, the sound disappears and after a few seconds the monitor switches off completely. It stays like this until I press the reset button. The games I'm talking about are Company of Heroes, Oblivion and Neverwinter Nights 2. The problem first started when I bought Oblivion months ago around march. It used to do this now and then, but after a while and alot of brainwracking the problem seemed to go away, but now it's back and not just for Oblivion, but for every new game. I've tried a couple of things, monitor drivers, graphics drivers, direct X, processer drivers, cleaning the registry, checking for spywire, virus scan, defragging, reinstalling an image of windows, even a new operating system in the form of windows vista and cleaning out the case to make sure it was being properly cooled. Unfortunately none of these approaches seemed to have worked.

Here's my specs:

Asus V9999GT (6800 GT) 128MB
AMD Athlon 64 Xp 3200+
1GB of DDR Ram
420W Power Supply

My dad thinks it's the power supply and that it might be damaged so we're going to try getting a new one soon to try that out. When I get a job soon and earn enough I'll probably be gutting the PC out anyway and replacing most of the hardware but until then is there anything you guys could think of that might be causing this? Because I'd like to get something out of all the money I spent on these games.


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Default Re: Dodgey Power Supply

128 for the vid card is ok for every day use but for gaming you really need 256 or better. Having said that you really need to check a couple of things before you buy replacements.
The vid card may be overheating. Good air flow is a must on modern cards. If it's overheating it will shut down to protect itself. Resetting the computer will allow it to cool down enough to restart.
Power supply. If it's only doing this with games which are resource intensive, it could be the PSU doesn't have enough amps to push the board and all the other goodies you have on your rig. It might be ok for every day use but games will cause the rig to work harder making it draw more power.
If the vid card has a supplimental power connection you may want to get the harness and hook it up.
Don't confuse the fan plug on the card for aux power in. You do and it's asta la vista vid card.
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