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Default DIY system construction

Hello Everybody,

How are you all? My name is Daniel and i am what you'd call a newcomer to building computers. I am in the marker for a new computer but want to make my own....not only tol save money but to learn a little about it as well. What i am wondering though is where do i start? What do i need? how do i find out if things are compatible? how do i know if brands are good or not? i do know that i want a P4 3.2G 800hz CPU and a nice big, fast HDD....Can anyone help? are there any really good websites out there that can assist? My main uses of this would be surfing the net, watching DVD's and Videos, downloading, word processing, presentations etc so i want somethint fast.....can anybody help....



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There are tons of website out there that will give you step by step instructions on how to build one. Also there is a magazine that is out (I just picked it up last Friday) that goes through on how to pick the right parts and then how to put them all together. The only thing that they dont help with is the case. The magazine is from PC Gamer. I think it is called something like The Build Your Own Gaming PC Bible. Or something like that. It kinda "dummies" it down for you and helps you through each step. I would go with that if you are really interested in building. The only problem with some website are they havent been updated in a while and some of the information is a little outdated.

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Default Re: DIY system construction

Maybe you should read magazines like Custom Pc!
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Its really far too much to go through on here for any of us - all you need is some practice, take apart old machines and have a look, don't worry about what you may do, and try to put it back together afterwards. When you make that work; you will know enough to build one yourself with real stakes.

Things like Custom PC, some Gaming Magazines and most Computing Magazines will help a lot. Even if not specifically on the process of building - certainly on the Computer side of it, and what sort of things you should do and buy for the best performance and value.
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