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Default Dillemma 533-800

hey im having a problem im wondering whether or not to use 3gigs of ddr2 533 or 2 gigs of 800mhz ddr2

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Default Re: Dillemma 533-800

So whats the Dilemma?

Have you already got both sticks purchased? If so, why dont you just swap them in and run a few tests, then try the other set?

If you are wandering what to buy between the 2, then it depends what you are going to be doing. To be honest, you arent going to see a huge difference between 533 and the 800, unless you are overclocking.

If you already have the two, I would be going for the 833. If you are looking to buy either of them, I would get the cheaper of the two if there is much of a difference in price.

Just out of interest, what is the 2GB of 800, 2 x 1GB sticks, or 1 x 2GB stick? Hows the 3GB coming? 3 x 1GB sticks? Just make sure your MOBO supports it, if you are using 3. If you are buying, with an upgrade in mind later on, might be useful to know. However, DDR2 RAM isn't the way forward, so keep it cheap if you are buying.

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Default Re: Dillemma 533-800

A bit information would be helpful. What's the CPU FSB? it wouldn't prove any benifit installing faster memory if the FSB is not in synch with dual channel DDR2 (I'm presuming your setup at least has that). What's your specs and are you overclocking etc etc.

Not knowing much of your situation, I would just say that 3GB over 2GB is going to provide a bigger performance boost in day to day computer use as what a 50% in memory bandwidth will. But again, what's your setup.

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