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Default digital video

I have an HP Media Center PC and a somewhat old Quasar digital video camera (VHC format). I am trying to burn my tapes onto a DVD. As I have moved and cannot find any of my manuals, cds, etc. that came with the computer or camera, I'm a little stuck. I recently purchased what I believe to be the right cables to connect the two. I've only been able to get small wav files off the camera, but I keep getting the message DocumentViewer.msi file cannot be found. I've done a search on the computer and cannot find this file. Any suggestions? Am I doing something wrong?

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Default Re: digital video

First off, welcome to the forums!

Hmm, how does it connect to send footage?

USB or Firewire for example?

You maybe find if its new enough, it'll have Firewire. If not, it might be standard USB or even USB 2.0 which is slightly faster. As its XP, it should automatically configure the camera using windows drivers to have it going straight away.

You'd then need a capture program.

If you have Windows XP which you will have on that Media Centre PC, find Windows Movie Maker, which is a simple editing tool, and Capture the video using that.
It makes the process rather easy for you (Programs, Accessories)

If you want, download from the Windows website the update to the program which updates it, called Movie Maker 2, and when installed, replaces the old one.

Hopefully this will help as a start

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Default Re: digital video

What type of cables are they? USB A>B, Firewire, or RCA? (Not familure with that camera) You're able to get wav files, but no video? Look at this. From what I see here, this file is more related to an image application, specifically, the HP Image Zone. Can you use another program to open the video? Take a picture of the camera, and the cables. I should be able to tell then, what's possibly going on- if it's a connection issue, or simply a program issue. Post back with a pic.
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