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Cool Did I make a good buy here? Also Nvidia overclocking please!

Alright so a while back I was having problems with my video card. So I decided to finally order a new one. It had got to the point my computer would stay on for a few hrs then it would just shut down and give me a bunch of errors. So I figured I better quit using it before I really screw something up.

I had read toms hardware reviews and really only wanted to spend around $100-$150 So I started looking at the X1950pro cards then glanced at the X1950XT cards. I'm running vista home premium and XP so DX10 was on my mind but I wasn't sure about spending $150-$200 on a card. Funny how the price goes up as your looking. So I figured if i'm going to spend that much on the DX9 card I may as well just give in and spend the extra on a DX10 card.

Looking at the DX10 cards what I gather is pretty much anything less than a 8800 series is a waste of money because the X1950's are a far better value excluding the DX10 factor.

So I was looking at several brands then started reading reviews. I read alot of good reviews about this card so I just decided to buy it before I talked myself out of it.


I read alot of reviews saying they were getting there cards around 600/2000 or higher so I figured why waste the extra $30-$50 on a factory overclocked card.

Did I make a good buy?

Also 2nd part since i'm switching from ATI to Nvidia I was wondering if somebody can point me in the direction of good drivers for Vista Home Premium 64bit as well as XP 32bit. Also I'd like to know how to do the video overclocking. I used to use ATI tool for there cards is there something similar for Nvidia cards. I'll be using 3dmark06 for benching.

Thanks for the help hopefully i'll get it friday!

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Default Re: Did I make a good buy here? Also Nvidia overclocking please!

thats a really good card. i once had a pny vid card they ran just as good as any other card so i dont think that it would be a "bad buy" just because you bought a not so well known brand.

good choice staying away from the 8600's IMO

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Default Re: Did I make a good buy here? Also Nvidia overclocking please!

I think ATI tool can OC nvidia cards. If not Coolbits will do it just fine.
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