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Old 12-02-2005, 01:10 AM   #1
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Default Determing if you can use SCSI etc.

I've searched all over the internet, but it's spammed with useless information, about sells and stuff not even irrelevant to the topic ~ Sigh, Google use to be pretty decent.

Alright, this is really all I need to know, this is what Iím running.

K7N2 Delta Nvidia Nforce 2 Chipset
3200 AMD Athlon
Two 512 Pc3200 DDR
256 Geforce Asylum 256 mb
PCI TV Tuner
DVD Liteon 8x burner

Now, how do you actually tell what ATA your system is running?

Iím pretty sure Iím capable of ATA/133, and that my IDE cables are made for that level.
My MB handles them all ~ 33/66/100/133

Now is there a way to tell if your IDE Cables are made for the 133 rate?

And Additionally, Iím looking at purchasing a 15k RPM 36gig Seagate u320, now it says it connects using 68/80 (SCSI) ~ How do you tell if your pc is capable of using SCSI, because I know that ATA/133 uses 80 pins, 40 wires, and 40 grounds, to remove cross talk which greatly improves the cable. Does the SCSI cable actually hook up to the IDE1 slot? And how do you tell if your board is capable of the 80 over the 68 in the SCSI? Iíve read through my MB manual as my pc is custom, I had it built, but am capable of building pcs myself, I didnít want to mess the mother board up, before I had it built I notched my older board with a flat head screw driver taking off the Processor (Screw AMD and there heat sink connectors, god forbid a snap on latchÖ), that motherboard now serves as a nice wall decoration in my room.

Iíve just never really had got to play with the SCSI stuff, I want to run dual 15k rpm Seagate u320 drives, as a raid set up, where they both share information and simultaneously work on the same information, sharing the work. I thought it would be fun to play with it, I know itís not to reliable, but Iím not scared of the Blue Screen of Death, it wouldnít be the first Iíve reformatted this computer, I intentionally reformat quite often to keep the spyware/adware under control.

Whoops typed a bit too much, thanks in advance, if you need anymore information just ask, I will gladly reply if need be.

(Yes I know the Geforce 5200 series sucks, I'm gonna probably get a Geforce 6800 GT OC, when best buy keeps me actually working rofl...)

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Old 12-02-2005, 06:02 AM   #2
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Default Re: Determing if you can use SCSI etc.

all you need is an 80pin ide cable.. all new mobos come with 80 pin, 40 pin is really old, the only difference is 80pin cables have twice the grounds. These are the cables you want. Other than that.. I dont have much experience with this topic .. and I build/repair computers for a living, and a hobby.

AMD 4000+ w/ san diego core, Gigabyte GA-K8NSC-939 mobo, 1GB of Corsair XMS ddr400, 1GB Rosewill w/ black heat spreaders ddr400, (2GB of RAM total), ATI X850XT Platinum Edition (AGP), 160gb Seagate sata HD, 120gb Western Digital IDE backup drive, Antec smartpower 2.0 450w PSU, Logitech MX 518 expert gaming mouse. Logitech Precision PC Gaming Headset
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Old 12-02-2005, 05:13 PM   #3
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Default Re: Determing if you can use SCSI etc.

That's what I plan on doing once I get my A+ Cert, I'm pretty sure I got the upgraded IDE cable, I'm just making sure I don't get hte hdd and am without using it until I can get a part to completely work with it, I don't wanna half Arse it if I can.
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Old 12-02-2005, 10:34 PM   #4
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Default Re: Determing if you can use SCSI etc.

SCSI doesn't work with IDE. Unless you have onboard SCSI, you'll need to get an expansion card. I'm actually gettin my A+ right now and we went over that recently. But no, it won't plug into your IDE. Also, not to discourage you, it can be confusing installing SCSI devices, but the speed is usually worth it. Hope this answers your question.
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Old 12-02-2005, 11:11 PM   #5
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Default Re: Determing if you can use SCSI etc.

Using an SCSI device is fun sometimes. It can be around $30-650

As told, it is worth it
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