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Default Dell Inspiron won't boot up

I have a Dell Inspiron 5100 running Microsoft Windows XP sp2.

Last night I got the BSOD saying "bad pool header". Now, at longest I can only turn on my computer for 7 minutes. After that, it just freezes up. I try to restart it and it won't restart, I have to wait for about ten minutes to reboot.

My friend told me that it might be a bad ram card. We switched around the two cards, tried using just one, and then tried using just the other card. When we did this, we could start up and actually do somethings. However, it still ended up freezing. With just card A, it would go about a half hour without freezing. The other card would provide about 10 minutes of work. He thought it might be that I have two bad ram cards but was unsure.

Also, I was also told it could be caused by an overheated CPU, possibly due to blockage of the vent for HSF or it could be a crippled CPU motherboard.

I don't really know too much about computers so I thought I'd try here. Has anybody had similar problems with their Dell? I don't really want to buy a new motherboard and have that not be the problem. Thanks in advance.

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Default Re: Dell Inspiron won't boot up

Might be a bad harddrive.

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Default Re: Dell Inspiron won't boot up

get another stick of ram u know works and try it. chances are its both and adding them together makes it worse. so just see if u get another stick try it out and tell use wat happens. have u cleaned the case out?
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