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Default Dell Inspiron static noise, DJ speakers

After connecting my Dell laptop to my mixer to start Djing I found when the laptop was plugged in at the mains a loud static noise came from dj set up speakers. After playing about with it for a while I found when it ran off the battery it was fine but as soon as I plugged the laptop in at the mains there it was again. So after speaking to Dell tech team today It turns out its a known problem with certain models which they apparently are trying to sort out. So after serching for a laptop for a while to dj from I bought a Dell Inspiron which known to the company has a problem with connecting up to another power sorce. Will they sort it soon & will they contact us? Who knows, all I know is I have new lap top that was sold to me with a problem. THANKS!

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Default Re: Dell Inspiron static noise, DJ speakers

This is a known problem on almost every laptop out there - it's far less common to find a laptop without this problem than with it! The problem really falls into two main categories:

- Earth loops can appear between mixers and laptops when they're plugged in causing a hum, and
- The built in sound cards on laptops are generally awful anyway which can cause interference even in normal use.

The first one of these problems can be sorted out by running your laptop through a DI box with the ground lifted, the second one can be sorted by purchasing a decent, external sound card and using that instead.

There are other "solutions" people have claimed work on some models (I've heard some claim running the laptop without a battery has improved things) but none of them have worked for me.

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Default Re: Dell Inspiron static noise, DJ speakers

lol you should have bought a mac laptop for DJing
or you can buy a external sound card
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Default Re: Dell Inspiron static noise, DJ speakers

I heard that setting devices on those mylar anti-static bags will eliminate the interference that causes that kind of speaker noise. I've seen this work with cell phones placed next to PC speakers. I know, I know, it sounds stupid, but ever since I started using the anti-static bag technique I haven't heard that annoying noise on my speakers when I get a call or text message. I've never tried this on a larger scale with a laptop, though.

And guys, don't start making fun of me until you've tried it. I realize how ridiculous it sounds...
But I'm trying, Ringo. I'm trying real hard... to be the Shepherd.
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