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Default dead OS, i need opinions for help

okay so ive been running windows Vista 64-bit
(Core 2 Quad CPU, 4 GB RAM, 1 TB HDD)
on friday i ran all of my antivirus, spyware, and maleware removal programs
after that was done i defraged my HDD Friday Night
when i got up saturday morning optimized my HDD and went to work for 12 hrs
(both of those options is offered by JKDefrag/MyDefrag [i cant remember what its called right now])
when i got home everything was still running, and it was finished
so i shut down my pc
now i cannot get to my password screen for Vista
if i select start windows normally it just keeps cycling over and over again
it will flash a blue screen (no text) then the system will reboot
if i select safe mode it starts to load all of the drivers
(i see a long list scroll by)
and then i see this V

it sits at this driver for a bit, then it restarts

now i have performed a back up a couple of weeks before
but what has me at my wits end is this
i dont want to loose all of my product keys
such as Vista, Office 2010, Octane Renderer ($119), all of my saved files
all of the guides that i have made and saved
and all of my tax info

so what should i do?
should i go and get another HDD and do a fresh install on the new drive
then try to do a restore
and use the back up file that i did
would that even work?
how big of a HDD should i get?

or is there an easier way to fix my pc?
i appreciate any help you guys can give me

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Default Re: dead OS, i need opinions for help

Assuming you have a recovery CD, you could use that and recover your OS... if it was me, and I couldn't fix it by other means, then I'd probably just do away with the OS and start again, because when an OS goes that bad for no apparent reason, I lose trust and faith in it. Anywho, since you're not me... :P ...you have important files, which, technically, can be recovered, via USB and a bootable CD capable of accessing your files. You should first see if a safe mode works, and if so, try a system restore. To get into safe mode, check out this site for info: Getting into Windows Safe Mode

EDIT: I really don't see you losing the license, just because the software failed. I'm sure you could just contact Microsoft and explain. Don't take my word for this, though, as this isn't exactly my area... hopefully someone else here has experience with this area.
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