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Default Data Recovery help! HDD showing 128GB when it should be 750GB

i had begun to install windows on a 750GB drive the i currently had no OS on, just a bunch of other files. i got to the point in the windows installation where it asked me if i want to partition the drive or install windows in the current unpartitioned space, and at this point i quit the installation, fearing i would lose my files if i had gone any further. well wouldn't you know it, once i got the comp up with another drive with windows on it, i hooked up this hard drive and in my computer if you click on this drive it says "unformatted drive".

i have Recover My Files, which i began to use last night. that shows my drive as "RAW: 128GB". this drive is 750GB, with about 500GB of that being used. i clicked "complete format recover", and i let the program run all night and it just told me it found 577 files and 30,000 OS files (i never installed windows on it, i quit before i went past the partition part). the program was running 8 hours and the bar was about half way done. i clicked stop and checked the files it found and there's less than 10% of the files i had on that drive that were actually found.

i'd just like to add that i know about the 137gb barrier, the computer reads my 250GB drive just fine, so that shouldn't be the problem.

also, i scanned a drive i have that i know for a fact never had an OS on it, and it still found 20,000 OS files in the first few minutes, before i stopped the search.

any ideas what is going on?? am i doing something wrong or am i just screwed?

and i need another drive to save the files to if i recover them, right? can this 750GB drive be reformatted and used again when i am done?

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Default Re: Data Recovery help! HDD showing 128GB when it should be 750GB

You just have to let that program run it's course. It will take a very long time on such a large drive. Don't worry about the OS files it has found, as most installs like to place hidden system files on the drives that are installed.

You will need another drive to place the recovered files on, and yes, you can reformat and use the drive once you are finished.
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